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On this page, you can check out information on Boeing net worth, history, assets, income, liabilities, net income, total employees, and much more. With a net value of $85 billion, Boeing is an American corporation that develops, produces, and markets satellites, rockets, rotorcraft, telecommunications equipment, and aircraft.

It is renowned as one of the biggest suppliers of airplanes to all nations worldwide. You must be familiar with their aircraft. Currently, the business is located in Chicago, Illinois, in the year 2022.

It ranks as the third largest producer of defense contractors, in addition to being one of the largest builders of aircraft.

The airline sector is flourishing, which has increased demand for airplanes, and the corporation has grown to become the world’s largest producer of aircraft.

It has been making airplanes for a very long time in the business and was founded by the creator, William Boeing, in Seattle, Washington, in 1916.

This corporation has been producing airplanes under several brand names and for numerous nations throughout the world.

It is renowned for its excellent and dependable plan quality. The organization places the highest attention on security issues.  

Boeing Net Worth

With its high-end products, Boeing has dominated the market and has long been the industry leader. Boeing now has an $85 billion net value. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years as the aviation business continues to grow quickly beyond the COVID period.

Additionally, a significant quantity of revenue was reported. The corporation generated $62.286 billion in total revenue in 2021. However, because of the COVID-19 collapse, there is a decrease in revenue as compared to 2018.

It recorded $101.127 billion in total sales for the previous year. Due to a drop in customers, the corporation also announced a $4290 million loss in 2021. In 2022, the corporation will have a total market value of $85.09 billion.

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Additionally, the stock price is declining. Currently trading at $143 per share, the stock hit a high of $424 in February 2019. Additionally, it is anticipated that these numbers will rise in the coming years.

Boeing Net Worth Revenue Assets Income PE Ratio CEO

Name  Boeing
Net Worth 2022  $85 Billion
Net Worth in Indian Rupees  Rs. 6.90 Lakh Crore
Net Income  $-5,278 Million 
Revenue  $60,743 Million
Total Assets  $135,479 Million
PE Ratio  0.00
Founders  William E. Boeing
CEO  Dave Calhoun (13 Jan 2020–)
Headquarters  Arlington, Virginia, United States
Founded  15 July 1916, Seattle, Washington, United States
Subsidiaries  Aviall, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, MORE

Boeing Revenue

  • Boeing reported $16.681 billion in revenue for the three months ending June 30, 2022.
  • Boeing reported $60.743 billion in sales for the year that ended June 30, 2022.
  • Boeing’s projected 2021 annual revenue was $62.286 billion.
  • In 2020, Boeing had annual revenue of $58.158 billion.
  • Boeing had annual sales of $76.59 billion in 2019.
Year (Millions of US $)
2022 $60,743
2021 $62,286
2020 $58,158
2019 $76,559
2018 $101,127
2017 $94,005
2016 $93,496
2015 $96,114
2014 $90,762
2013 $86,623

Boeing’s founding

In the year 1916, William E. Boeing established Boeing. The corporation, which included the two well-known Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporations, was renamed The Boeing Company in 1917.

The business changed its name to United Aircraft and Transport Corporation after acquiring additional aviation firms such as Vought, Sikorsky Aviation, Stearman Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney, and Hamilton Metalplane in 1929.

The decision to remove The Boeing Firm from the aircraft manufacturing process was made by the company in 1934.

The Boeing Company had tremendous growth in its early years as a result of the huge demand for airplanes at the time.

The airplane industry was still relatively new to the world. To benefit from a group effort, their company has also partnered with other businesses. It is currently one of the top producers of its own aircraft.  

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Boeing Net Income

  • For the three months ending June 30, 2022, Boeing had a net income of $0.193 billion.
  • Boeing reported a $5.278 billion net loss for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2022.
  • Boeing’s 2021 yearly net income was $4.202 billion.
  • In 2020, Boeing’s annual net income was $11.873 billion.
  • Boeing’s 2019 yearly net income was $-0.636 billion.
Year (Millions of US $)
2022 $-5,278
2021 $-4,202
2020 $-11,873
2019 $-636
2018 $10,453
2017 $8,452
2016 $5,031
2015 $5,172
2014 $5,440
2013 $4,578

Boeing Evolution

Since launching its services in 1916, Boeing has seen numerous adjustments. The business changed its name to United Aircraft and Transport Corporation in 1929.

It also included other well-known aircraft businesses such as Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Metalplane, Sikorsky Aviation, Stearman Aircraft, and Vought.

The business also acquired Vertol Aircraft Corporation in 1960, one of the top helicopter producers at the time. The business is now producing its own aircraft and providing transportation services.

However, the corporation has made its case by highlighting the advantages of space travel, public transportation, maritime vessels, agriculture, and energy generation.

The business relocated its operations from Seattle to Chicago in 2001. Boeing will experience financial difficulties in 2020, and as a result, the corporation has also decreased employment by 12,000 people.

In order to advance the company’s business, it has implemented a number of other adjustments.  

Boeing Assets 

  • Boeing has $135.479 billion in total assets as of the quarter ending June 30, 2022.
  • In 2021, Boeing had total assets of $138.552 billion.
  • In 2020, Boeing had total assets of $152.136 billion.
  • In 2019, Boeing had total assets of $133.625 billion.
Year (Millions of US $)
2022 $135,479
2021 $138,552
2020 $152,136
2019 $133,625
2018 $117,359
2017 $112,362
2016 $89,997
2015 $94,408
2014 $92,921
2013 $92,663

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Boeing: Awards and Achievements

With its extensive experience in the aviation sector, Boeing has earned the trust of its clients. Its words have also received accolades and achievements. The company received the Best Company Perks & Benefits and Best Company Compensation awards from Boeing in 2019.

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In the year 2020, Boeing appeared on Fortune magazine’s “Fortune 500” list and is currently ranked 121st on the “Fortune Global 500” list.

Additionally, it has earned the 2019 Boeing Performance Excellence Award for the tenth time. These are a few of the honors the business has received. Over the course of its involvement in the sector, it has made a number of accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boeing ranked?

Boeing not only has the highest brand value in the ranking, but it also has the strongest brand, earning an overall Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 82.1 and an associated AAA-brand grade.


Is Boeing the largest aerospace company?

The Boeing Company, the largest aerospace firm in the world and the biggest exporter from the United States assembles commercial aircraft and makes defense equipment in the country.


Who is Boeing owned by?

Below, we take a closer look at Boeing’s top six stockholders. 


What’s the biggest plane company?

American Airlines Group surpassed all other airlines in the world in terms of fleet size and number of passengers carried in 2022. Delta Airlines, which is also the greatest in terms of revenue, is the second largest.


How much does a Boeing 747 cost?

If you’re curious about the price of a Boeing 747, you should be aware that they’re not inexpensive. The most recent version of the Boeing 747, the 747-8, costs about $450 million, but previous, now-discontinued variants, like the Boeing 747-400, can still be purchased for as little as $10 million.

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