MoStack Net Worth 2023: A Deep Dive into Rapper’s Wealth and Career

MoStack net worth is $2 million. Stack is a Well-Known British rapper and vocalist who has amassed a fan base in the UK music scene. He first garnered popularity in 2016 with his breakthrough tune “Liar Liar,” and since then, He’s put out a number of smash albums and singles.

In this article, we’ll examine MoStack’s fortune and talk about the things that have made him rich, including his record sales, concert profits, and brand partnerships.

MoStack Net Worth A Deep Dive into Rapper's Wealth and Career

Who is MoStack?

Let’s quickly introduce MoStack before discussing his net worth. MoStack, whose true name is Montell Daley, was born in North London in 1994 and started his musical career in 2014.

With the release of his mixtape “Gangster with Banter” in 2016, which included songs like “Block Popping” and “No Buddy,” he first came to public attention. Since then, he has produced a number of hits, teamed up with musicians like Stormzy, J Hus, and Dave, and developed a devoted following.

MoStack Biography

Real Name Montell Daley
Celebrated Name MoStack
Birth Place London, England
Date Of Birth 31 August 1994
Age/How Old 28 years old
School N/A
College N/A
Religion N/A
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Male
Height In Centimetres – 191 cm
In Feet and Inches – 6’3”
Weight In Kilograms – 75 kg
In Pounds – 165 lbs
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Parents Name Father – N/A
Mother – N/A
Siblings N/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend N/A
Profession Rapper, Singer-songwriter
Net Worth $2 million

MoStack Net Worth 

MoStack is a Well-Known rapper and vocalist from the UK who has established himself in the local music scene. MoStack net worth is reportedly believed to be about $2 million.

His popularity as a recording artist is one of the key elements that has increased MoStack’s riches.

Over the years, He has released a number of well-liked albums and singles, Such as his 2014 debut mixtape “Gangster with Banter” and his 2020 album “Stacko,” which peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart.

MoStack’s earnings have increased as a result of album sales as well as millions of streams of his songs on websites like Spotify and YouTube.

MoStack’s live concerts are a significant additional source of income. In the UK and Abroad, He has headlined a number of concerts and music festivals, which has aided in his ability to generate a sizeable income from ticket and merchandise sales.

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He gave a performance at one of the UK’s biggest Music Festivals, The Wireless Festival, in London in 2019. MoStack has also acquired a number of brand agreements, which has increased its net worth even further.

For instance, he has collaborated on marketing initiatives with brands like Timberland and JD Sports, which has aided in his ability to secure endorsement deals and increase his revenue.

Overall, MoStack’s success as a Recording artist, Live performer, and a brand ambassador is reflected in his net worth. It is conceivable that his wealth will increase as he develops professionally and widens his audience.

MoStack Net Worth Forbes

Net Worth (2023) $2 Million
Monthly Income And Salary $10,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary $100,000 +
Profession Rapper, singer-songwriter
Name MoStack

Increase of MoStack Net Worth

Net Worth 2023 $2.0 Million
Net Worth 2022 $1.9 Million
Net Worth 2021 $1.8 Million
Net Worth 2020 $1.7 Million
Net Worth 2019 $1.6 Million
Net Worth 2018 $1.5 Million

MoStack’s Early Life and Music Career

MoStack, whose true name is Montell Daley, was born in North London, England, on August 31, 1994. He was up in the Edmonton region and was first drawn to music by performers like Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur.

With the help of his SoundCloud uploads, MoStack launched his Music Career and Amassed a devoted online fan base. Although his debut mixtape, “Gangster with Banter,” was made available in 2014, it was his 2016 blockbuster single, “Liar Liar,” that really cemented his reputation.

The song became quite well-liked in the UK, and MoStack received a lot of media attention. After “Liar Liar” became popular, MoStack continued to put out new music and work with other musicians, such as J Hus, Dave, and Stormzy.

In 2017, he released “High Street Kid,” his second mixtape, which included the top hits “Screw & Brew” and “What I Wanna.” MoStack’s debut studio album, “Stacko,” was released in 2019 to positive reviews and debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart.

The album displayed MoStack’s adaptable style and poetry and included collaborations with well-known musicians including Stormzy, Dave, and J Hus.

MoStack’s early triumphs in the UK music industry can be largely due to his talent, perseverance, and capacity to engage listeners through his songs.

MoStack’s Song Highlights

Song Title Release Year
Liar Liar 2016
Let It Ring 2016
Block Popping 2017
Ussy Ussy 2017
Screw & Brew 2017
No Words (feat. Mostack) 2017
What I Wanna 2018
Bad 2018
Litness 2018
Teach You Gangsta 2018
Fashion Week (feat. AJ Tracey) 2019
I’m The One 2019
Shine Girl (feat. Stormzy) 2019
Stinking Rich (feat. Dave & J Hus) 2019
Respect & Love 2020
Coco Chanel 2020
Change On Me 2021
Ride 2021
Way More (feat. Carnage) 2021

MoStack’s Rise to Fame

As he has garnered more admiration and received favorable reviews for his music, MoStack’s music career has continued to advance. His partnerships with other Well-Known musicians in The UK music scene have been a major influence on his success.

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MoStack has had a number of other successful singles, including “Let It Ring,” “Screw & Brew,” and “What I Wanna,” in addition to His breakthrough hit “Liar Liar.”

Additionally, He has collaborated with other Well-Known musicians on songs like “Bad Boys” with Dave and “Big For Your Boots (remix)” with Stormzy.

Through his use of social media, MoStack has seen an increase in popularity. On Instagram, Where he regularly shares updates about his music and personal life, He has over 545K followers.

His fans’ assistance in promoting his songs and live performances has aided in his commercial success.

Speaking about live performances, MoStack is renowned for putting on exciting and captivating presentations. Including the Wireless Festival and the Reading & Leeds Festival, he has performed at important music events both domestically and abroad.

His performances have given him a reputation as a gifted and energetic live performer, which has assisted in further expanding his fan base.

MoStack’s popularity as a recording artist and live performer has also led to various brand collaborations, including projects with Timberland and JD Sports. These collaborations have served him to increase his revenue and establish Stack’s position as a rising star in the UK music scene.

MoStack’s success may be credited to his talent, hard work, and ability to connect with people through his songs and live performances. His fame and success are sure to rise as he continues to create new music and cooperate with other musicians.

MoStack’s Future Prospects

As he continues to amass recognition and praise from the music community, MoStack appears to have a promising future in the business. He has already made a name for himself in the UK music scene and Has worked with some of the most Well-Known performers there.

Regarding upcoming releases, MoStack has made suggestions that he is writing new music and has teased working with other musicians including Skepta and Mabel. These possible releases could serve to raise his visibility and solidify his position as a leading musician in the UK.

The future financial success of MoStack could be hampered by a few major obstacles, though. For instance, modifications to streaming platforms or variations in the most popular genres in the music business could affect how musicians are compensated for their work.

The state of the economy may also have an impact on MoStack’s chances in the future. MoStack’s earnings and total net worth may be affected if there are economic downturns or shifts in consumer behavior that have an effect on the music industry.

Overall, It is likely that MoStack will continue to be a significant figure in The UK music industry for years to come, despite certain potential obstacles that might affect his future financial success.

He will Undoubtedly continue to garner both critical acclaim and financial benefits as long as he keeps releasing new music alongside other musicians.

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MoStack Awards

The UK music scene has given MoStack, a British rapper, singer, and composer, a lot of attention. Throughout his career, He has received both nominations and wins for a number of honors. Here are a few of MoStack’s major honors, both won and nominated:

  • MOBO Awards – At the 2017 MOBO Awards, MoStack received a nomination for “Best Newcomer.”
  • GRM Daily Rated Awards – At the 2017 GRM Daily Rated Awards, MoStack was named “Best Breakthrough Artist.”
  • KA & GRM Daily Awards – For his mixtape “High Street Kid,” MoStack took up the “Best Mixtape” prize at the 2018 KA & GRM Daily Awards.
  • Urban Music Awards– MoStack received nominations for “Best Male Act” and “Best Album” at the 2019 Urban Music Awards.
  • BRIT Awards – At the 2020 BRIT Awards, MoStack’s song “Shine Girl,” which features Stormzy, was nominated for the “British Single” category.
MoStack Social Media Accounts
MoStack Social Media Accounts

MoStack Social Media Accounts

Instagram Click here
Twitter Click here
Soundcloud Click here
YouTube Click here
Spotify Click here


As a result of his talent, perseverance, and ability to connect people through his music and live performances, MoStack net worth has enjoyed a successful career.

We’ve talked about MoStack’s beginnings in the music business and the early achievements that served as a springboard for his career. From there, we looked at how he became famous through partnerships with Well-Known musicians, the creation of hit albums, and captivating live performances.

MoStack’s unquestionable talent and the dedication He has shown throughout the years are largely responsible for his success and wealth. It is obvious that his star will only continue to soar as an artist as he develops more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoStack’s current net worth?

MoStack has a $2 million total net worth.

What is MoStack’s real name?

MoStack’s real name is Montell Daley.

When did MoStack start making music?

MoStack began making music in 2014.

What is MoStack’s most successful project?

MoStack’s most successful project is his debut album “Stacko,” which reached number three on the UK Albums Chart.

Who has MoStack collaborated with?

MoStack has collaborated with several notable artists, including Stormzy, J Hus, Dave, AJ Tracey, and Mist.

What are MoStack’s sources of income?

MoStack’s sources of income include music sales, live performances, and endorsements/brand deals.

What country is MoStack from?

MoStack, whose real name is Montell Daley, is a British rapper and singer-songwriter. He was born and raised in the city of Hornsey, located in North London, England.

How old are Mo Stacks?

28 years old (31 August 1994)

How much does MoStack make annually?

MoStack’s Annual compensation is thought to be around $1,000,000.

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