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Numerous individuals have been attempting to stop harmful habits such as smoking, overeating chocolate, consuming too much alcohol, and being sidetracked by social media. For Maneesh Sethi, nothing had changed. Pavlok net worth of $2 million dollars.

Maneesh conceived Pavlok, a device that assists people in kicking bad behaviors and adopting new, healthy ones. The device leverages an old type of conditioning to automatically alert the user when they attempt to alter their habit.

In Episode 29 of Season 7 of “Shark Tank,” Maneesh requested $500,000 in exchange for 3.14 percent of Pavlok. Has he reached an agreement with the sharks? What did Pavlok do following his Shark Tank appearance? Read on to get the most recent information regarding the Pavlok Shark and its fate in 2022.

Pavlok Net Worth

Pavlok has a net worth of two million dollars. Pavlok is an intelligent bracelet similar to Fitbit that assists individuals in avoiding unhealthy habits. When the user engages in undesirable behavior, the device delivers an electric shock of up to 340 volts.

Additionally, it can vibrate or beep to alert you when you are going to violate a rule or do something wrong. Pavlok helps people control their cravings, stick to their fitness goals, and quit bad habits like smoking. 

Pavlok Net Worth

Net Worth 2022 worth $2 million.
Net Worth in Indian Rupees 20Lakh
Net income 2022 $371K
Revenue $400,000 (per year)
Founders Maneesh Sethi
CEO Maneesh Sethi
Founded 2013
Number of employees 10 (10 on RocketReach)
Nationality 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02111, US
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Pavlok is a Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. product. It is produced by the American novelist and internet entrepreneur Maneesh Singh Sethi.

In 2010, Sethi attracted national attention by starting the blog “Hack the System.” The blog was about travel and personal development.

He introduced the Pavlok gadget in July 2013. Utilizing “Haptic Feedback” and sound, this technology improves human behavior through “Operant Conditioning” and “Haptic Feedback.”

With the use of “Zaptic Feedback,” Pavlok possesses the capacity to transform negative behaviors into positive ones. The voltage adjustment range is between 150 and 450 volts.


The “removable module” and the “wristband” are two essential Pavlok hardware components. The silicone wristband is only available in one size that fits all.

As of July 2015, Pavlok offers a variety of colored wristbands, including pink, blue, grey, and red.

The detachable module component has been placed within the bracelet. The module is intended to prevent accidental disassembly.

Two components comprise the module: a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device.

Pavlok recently launched a private beta app for iOS users. The “Beta App” functions as a Bluetooth remote control for the gadget.

The application is still in development. It includes a five-day audio course on “aversion conditioning” that is tailored primarily for nail-biting, overeating, and smoking.

In 2014, Pavlok launched its own “digital currency.” Volts can be earned by achieving one’s goals or by finishing an audio course.


In May 2016, Pavlok has presented on the season seven finale of “Shark Tank.” 2015’s edition of “Entrepreneur Magazine” included “Behavioral Technology Group” on its list of “100 Brilliant Companies to Watch.”

In the same year, Pavlok was named a finalist in the “MassChallenge” accelerator program. Pavlok won the “Shopify Build a Business Competition” because it was the most popular product in the Gadgets and Electronics category over the course of a year.

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How Does Pavlok Work?

Pavlok functions by providing you with a modest electrical shock to warn you against indulging in undesirable behaviors. However, it is worn like a wristwatch.

It will deliver an electrical impulse in response to your activities anytime you make an effort to alter your behavior.

This device is capable of performing shock therapy at 340 volts. It may also beep or vibrate.

When it thinks you are about to do something bad, it can either shock you or push a button.

It seeks to provide you with a jolt of awareness when you are about to stray from the path of behavioral change.

Who Founded Pavlok?

Pavlok Maneesh Sethi made the discovery. Maneesh Sethi conceived the concept after suffering from social media addiction.

Maneesh Sethi attempted unsuccessfully to change his behavior.

However, he recruited someone to keep him on track. This man’s job was to give her a slap whenever she used social media.

However, severe reinforcement has demonstrated some progress in modifying undesirable behaviors.

As a result of this experience, Maneesh Sethi devised a strategy to persuade people who are struggling with undesirable habits.

However, Maneesh Sethi created his device using Ivan Pavlok’s theory of adverse circumstances. He formerly worked as a web designer and holds degrees in computer science, technology, and sociology.

When he was on Shark Tank, Maneesh Sethi was working on his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

However, Sethi also maintains a blog in which he employs Pavlok, a psychologist, to respond to inquiries about learned behavior.

Pavlok Net Worth Inception Revenue CEO History & More

Pavlok was honoured and accomplished. 

Pavlok has won numerous honors. In 2015, it was selected as a finalist in the MassChallenge accelerator program.

In the same year, Pavlok won the 2015 Shopify Build a Business Competition for the category of electronics and gadgets with the largest annual sales.

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Entrepreneur magazine named Behavioral Technology Group to its 2015 list of “100 Brilliant Companies to Watch.”In 2016, it was featured on the ABC network’s business reality television series Shark Tank.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Net Worth Pavlok?

During the pitch, it was estimated that Pavlok was worth $16 million. There is no information on the company’s income, but it is estimated that its yearly revenue is $400,000 and that its net worth will reach $2 million by 2022.

How much money has Pavlock made?

In 2022, the revenue run rate for Pavlok reached $370,000.

Is Pavlok a successful company?

After the post-shark episode without a deal, Pavlok has been thriving over the past few years, with current revenues of approximately $4 million.

Who is the owner of Pavlok?

Elon Musk is fascinated by the fact that Maneesh Sethi, the Indian-American founder and CEO of wearable device startup Pavlok, used to hire a woman from Craigslist to slap him every time he went on Facebook. 

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