Jimmy Sotos net worth Wiki Biography, Facts, Life Story & More

Jimmy Sotos net worth of $1,110,000 This is mostly due to the $359,700 salary and earnings he is thought to have gotten from being a TikTok Star. 

Jimmy Sotos net worth

Year Estimated Net Worth
2022 $1,110,000
2021 $1,000,000


Year  Estimated Salary
2021  $359,700
2020  $330,000

Jimmy Sotos is an American famous athlete known for his time at the biggest University known as Ohio State University in the United States of America which is primarily known for its athletics, especially football.

Apart from that, Jimmy is also a popular social influencer who gained a large following by sharing stunning, gorgeous amazing photos to his own accounts, including TikTok, Instagram, Tiktok, and more.

These have been adored by his fans and also entice Jimmy to post more photos.

Furthermore, Jimmy partnered with Totino’s Pizza Roll company on the TikTok video for November 2021. Jimmy also performed illusion shots with food items.

Jimmy Sotos’s Wiki Biography

On the 4th of September, 1998 Jimmy Sotos was born in an American family in Arlington Heights, Illinois, the United States of America, and was raised by his family, friends, and others.

The real name of Jimmy Sotos is James Joseph Sotos. He’s age 24 in 2022. Jimmy is of American nationality. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

He was born into a prosperous and wealthy Christian family, which is why Jimmy adheres to the faith of Christianity.

Professionally, he’s known as a basketball star who played for the biggest University known as Ohio State University in the United States of America which is renowned as a sports institution, specifically football.

Jimmy Sotos Wiki Biography

Real Name   James Joseph Sotos
Date of Birth  September 4, 1998
Place of birth  Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States of America
Nationality  American
Religion  Christianity
Age  24 Years Old
Education  James B. Conant High School
Zodiac Sign  Virgo
Gander  Male
Profession  Basketball Player and TikTok Star

Jimmy Sotos’s Facts & physical Status |Height & Weight

  • Jimmy Sotos is a prominent Athlete and TikTok Star.
  • He has accumulated many followers via Instagram.
  • He appears so attractive and beautiful.
  • He enjoys travel.
  • In 2021 Jimmy was injured during the closing seconds of the game against Rutgers when he was diving to find a ball that was loose on his shoulders.
  • Jimmy has also offered his own items called “Sotos Wear”, on his sotoswear.com website.
  • He began his TikTok journey in February, the month of February 2020. He started by creating an unofficial TikTok account.
  • He is a well-known basketballer who played at the biggest University known as Ohio State University in the United States of America which is known mostly for its sports, specifically football.
  • Jimmy became a professional basketball athlete with Bucknell Bison. Bucknell Bison.
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Height  6 feet, 3 inches
Weight  78 kg (171.96056 pounds)
Eye Color  Brown
Hair Color  Blonde


Jimmy Sotos’s Career and Basketball

He’s keen on playing basketball. Jimmy hopes to become an elite basketball player from his youth.

Then he began to focus on making his dream come true and began attending classes and the academy.

Later, through his determination, Jimmy became a basketball player for the Bucknell Bison.

Jimmy is most well-known for his basketball skills and also for assembling his team in some NCAA games.

Additionally, Jimmy has won 27 scores in his battle against UNLV Runnim’Rebels in Bucknell Bison’s home. 

He is currently a well-known basketball player that played for the biggest University known as Ohio State University in the United States of America which is primarily known as a sports institution, specifically football.

Jimmy Sotos’s Family & Relationship | Girlfriend

He was born on 4 September 1998 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, the United States of America, and grew up with his family, friends, and family members from his hometown.

Jim Sotos and Katy Sotos were his parents. It is believed your father works as a successful businessman in America. United States of America and Jimmy’s mother is responsible for his house.

The fans want to learn more about the personal lives of American handsome young man Jimmy and his professional activities.

They would like to know who they are currently seeing or to whom Jimmy was a lover in the past.

Jimmy is currently single however, in the past it was reported that he had a romantic relationship with American well-known tennis player Kyra Spiwak.

The couple were in a relationship for a long time, but due to their personal problems. they took a break and split up.

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Jimmy Sotos’s Net Worth

Jimmy Sotos’s net worth is approximately one million dollars.

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He has yet to divulge any information about his net worth and income as of yet, however, according to our research and the data we have found online Jimmy Sotos’s net worth is approximately 1 million dollars.

The primary sources of his earnings include being a well-known basketball player, TikToker, Instagram Star YouTuber, and social media influencer.

His work is in full swing so it could be that his net worth will increase in the near future.

We believe Jimmy Sotos’s net worth at Jimmy Sotos has a current net worth of $110,000, largely from the estimated salary and earnings of $359,700. Jimmy is believed to earn as a TikTok Star.

Net Worth History

2021 $1,110,000
2022 $1,000,000


Salary, Income & Earnings History

2021 $359,700
2020 $330,000

Jimmy SotosNet Worth $1 million USD


Jimmy Sotos’s Social Media | TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter 

He is a well-known social media influencer, who has built an enormous fan base through posting stunning, beautiful amazing photos to his self-titled accounts like TikTok, Instagram, Tiktok, and more.

These accounts were adored by his fans and also entice Jimmy to upload more photos.

Additionally, he started the TikTok journey in February 2020. He started by creating a self-titled TikTok account.

Jimmy Sotos


Jimmy has gained a huge following through the upload of dance videos and basketball-related videos on his own TikTok account.

In addition, Jimmy partnered with Totino’s Pizza Roll company on the TikTok video for November 2021. He also performed tricks with food items.

He frequently creates videos with his beloved mother and then uploads them to his own self-titled TikTok account, which means that his mom is also featured on his account that is self-titled.

Apart from these, Jimmy also shares content about his lifestyle and travel, vlogs, lip-sync videos, family, and many other exciting spheres on his own self-titled account.

Jimmy Sotos’s YouTube

In addition to his professional life, Jimmy decided to make the rounds through YouTube and set up an account with a self-titled name on YouTube on 13 September 2021.

He then began the YouTube journey, however, there was no content posted on the day of his creation.

The most popular video was released on September 20, 2021, featuring the title “OSU Football’s First Regular Season Loss in 3 Years.

But Columbus Was UP!” The video was a hit with his fans, which pushed Jimmy to post more videos, and helped his rise to fame.

The most popular videos he has seen include “First Taste and Rate! What to avoid ordering on your dating first and”, “We don’t condone violence.

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However, this was wild The Rod Wave concert in Cincinnati! Rod Wave show held in Cincinnati”, “What did the Ohio State Women’s Dance Team would like you to accomplish? ?”, and many more.

Jimmy has more than 7.84k followers on his own YouTube channel.

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Jimmy Sotos’s Favorite Things

Favorite Color  Red and White
Favorite Destination  Tokyo
Favorite Actor  Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress  Natalie Portman
Favorite Sports  Basketball
Favorite Sportsperson  LeBron James


People also ask ForJimmy Sotos’s Info

Where did Jimmy Sotos go to college?

The Ohio State University (Jimmy Sotos / College)

It is Ohio State University, commonly known as Ohio State or OSU, is a land-grant public research university located in Columbus, Ohio. As a part of the University System of Ohio, it has been recognized by major institution rankings among the top public institutions across the United States. Wikipedia


Why is Jimmy Sotos famous?

Sotos is who is a graduate student in sports management and a player of the Ohio State men’s basketball team He has built a following in excess of 1.1 million users on TikTok as well as 150,000 followers on Instagram.


Is Jimmy Sotos hurt?

Ohio State loses Jimmy Sotos due to a shoulder injury that ended the season. Buckeye point guards will be thinking about 2021-22. Still, in the hospital Sotos (shoulder) is out and will be assessed further this week, Adam Jardy of Buckeye Xtra reports.


How old is Jimmy from TikTok?

Jimmy Jones (born December 31, 1988, aged 32 years old) is a YouTuber with a huge following, Social Media Influencer, and a TikTok Star.


Why did Brianna and Jimmy break up?

Jimmy had a fling with his ex-girlfriend Brianna

She appeared in his TikTok videos however, they broke together after he was caught cheating on her. In the TikTok video, the actor explained that Brianna had children, but did not, leading to problems with their relationship. In the end, he admitted to having a sexual affair with her and kissing a girl.

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