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Lil Bibby’s Net Worth

Lil Bibby Net Worth Biography and Wife’s age, weight, height, and many other details can be found on this site. 

Lil Bibby is a Rapper and record executive with an estimated income of around $ 10 million as of 2022. Lil Bibby is a very famous person in America who has performed remarkable work throughout his career. 

Bibby is a highly accomplished rapper and record executive in America. He has been able to earn acclaim from critics for his contributions to the music business in America. 

Lil Bibby started his career at the age of 11 and gained a lot of attention within a short time from the time he began his career.

He released his first mixtape in 2013, titled Free Crack, which became an excellent success. 

At the same time, Lil Bibby got signed to Kemosabe Records, which helped to release Free Crack 2 and Free Crack 3 which concluded the album Free Crack. 

Lil Bibby has two Eps as well, but there aren’t any albums released yet. He released his first album in 2017. founded the label of his own called Grade A Productions. 

The label has had a lot of success and is the home of several well-known names such as Juice WRLD as well as The Kid LAROI.

Lil Bibby is a very accomplished name in his position in the American entertainment industry. 

He began his career in the music business back in 2011 and has released a number of impressive mixtapes, singles, and EPs. However, the rapper also has a desire to become a record executive for his own label. 

To fulfill that dream his dream, he stopped rapping and launched his own label in the year 2017 which gained massive popularity within just a couple of years. 

At present, he’s an extremely successful person with an estimated net worth of $10 million.

 Name  Brandon George Dickinson
 Net Worth (2022)  $10 Million
 Profession  Rapper, record executive
 Monthly Income And Salary  $50,000 +
 Yearly Income And Salary  $1 Million +

Lil Bibby Assets

Home Lil Bibby is an American famous person who has earned some significant recognition in his career thus far. 

He is a wealthy and well-known figure who has a stunning home in California. He also owns a house in Chicago in which he spent the majority of his young time.

The car collection Lil Bibby has numerous vehicles in his garage and he enjoys playing with them. 

He drives most of his cars on his own. He has a Ford Mustang, Mercedes AMG, Chevrolet Corvette, and many more.

Lil Bibby Net Worth Growth

 Net Worth in 2022  $10 Million
 Net Worth in 2021  $9 Million
 Net Worth in 2020  $8 Million
 Net Worth in 2019  $7 Million
 Net Worth in 2018  $6 Million
 Net Worth in 2017  $5 Million

Lil Bibby Biography

Lil Bibby is an American hip-hop artist most well-known for his “Free Crack” collection of mixtapes. He was raised in Chicago in harsh surroundings. He experienced the terror of watching his mother sucked up by substances. 

He got his life back to normal and stepped into the music industry along with the people he was with in his youth. 

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The mixtape he released was his debut called ‘Free Crack in the year 2013. Its title was an inspiration from his musical idol Kanye West’s track “Crack Music.

After the popularity of his first album, Bibby got featured on the cover of the magazine “Vibe” and was lauded by the entire audience. 

His way of incorporating life-changing experiences into his raps made a connection with his fans. 

When he released his second mixtape “Free Crack 2” has increased his popularity. He continued to work with well-known rappers like Wiz Khalifa as well as Anthony Hamilton. 

The year 2015 saw Bibby drop another highly well-received mixtape titled ‘Free Crack 3.’ He also revealed that he was developing his debut album, which was to be called Free Crack 4.

Lil Bibby Net Worth

 Real Name/Full Name  Brandon George Dickinson
 Name/Celebrated Name:  Lil Bibby
 Birth Place:  Chicago, IL, USA
 Date Of Birth/Birthday:  18 July 1994
 Age/How Old:  28 years old
 Height/How Tall:  In Centimetres – 178 cm

 In Feet and Inches – 5’10”

 Weight:  In Kilograms – 68 kg

 In Pounds – 149 lbs

 Eye Color:  Brown
 Hair Color:  Black
 Parents Name:  Father – Brandon George Dickinson Sr.

 Mother – Kathy Dickinson

 Siblings:  N/A
 School:  N/A
 College:  Illinois State University
 Religion:  Christian
 Nationality:  American
 Zodiac Sign:  Cancer
 Gender:  Male
 Sexual Orientation:  Straight
 Marital Status:  Single
 Girlfriend:  N/A
 Kids/Children Name:  No
 Profession:  No
 Net Worth:  $10 million
 Last Updated:   2022


Lil Bibby Childhood & Early Life

Lil Bibby was born Brandon George Dickinson Jr., in Chicago on July 18, 1994, to lower-middle-class American parents. 

The family was led by one mom who was a heroin addict. Bibby was raised in his home on the East Side of Chicago’s 79th street which was a mostly black area.

The area he lived in was notoriously infamous because of the presence of criminals. In addition, having an abusive drug addict mother made life difficult for Bibby. 

His older sister served as his mother and his mother would spend most of her time drinking drugs. She was also engaged in the trade of drugs however she didn’t consume the drugs herself.

Because his environment was unhealthy, Bibby grew up to be violent. He was involved in battles from time to time and his school grades were falling. 

In addition to playing music in the background, he also played basketball at school and on the streets. But, he was unable to play basketball as the area he lived in was becoming dirty.

When he reached aged 13 years, he began making money from selling illegal drugs on the streets. 

He confessed that he was shot numerous times throughout his teenage years, and at the same time, he witnessed some of his friends from childhood being taken to jail.

He was drowning himself in music during those difficult times. He also said that he’d read some self-help books in those days and they helped him to get back on his feet. 

At the age of 16, he’d made the decision to pursue an appearance in the music industry.

Then, he began recording raps using his phone and began to make music with fellow music lovers. In 2011, he’d begun to work on his first mixtape.

Lil Bibby Social media Accounts

 Instagram  More than 2.2M Followers  Click here
 Soundcloud  N/A  Click here
 YouTube  More than 102K Followers  Click here


Lil Bibby Career

Bibby was influenced by the likes of Drake as well as Jadakiss. Because Kanye West is also born in Chicago, Bibby felt a special bond with Kanye. 

He was so influenced by Kanye West that the mixtape he released was named “Free Crack,” following one of Kanye’s famous songs, ‘Crack music.

He also talked about his childhood through his lyrics, as Kanye does every now and then.

The mixtape’s release was praised by critics for the originality of the lyrics and noted that Bibby did not draw his inspiration directly from another rapper. 

In the following days, ‘Vibe’ put out an article about Bibby and also featured his picture on the cover, noting his name among the rappers to look out for in 2014.

In his first mixtape, Bibby worked with struggling rappers as well as newcomers like Lil Herb and King L.

The production was handled by Hitboy, Young Chop, and ‘The Olympics. The mixtape included DJ Scream. 

The tape became huge popularity in Chicago nightclubs and garnered praise from music reviewers. He was considered to be “mature,” and ‘Vibe said that He had all the attributes of a top artist.

Bibby was admired for his deep voice as well as the songs with strong lyrics and a strong base. 

One of the tracks of the album, “Whole crew is now a local anthem at a local party. Bibby also recorded music videos for the tracks ‘How we Move’ Water,’ and ‘Tired of Talkin.’

In the latter part of 2013, euphoric over the success of the “Free Crack album,’ Bibby declared that his next album would be an EP. 

He also said that the rapper Drake has called his number and informed him that Drake was a major admirer of his work. 

Bibby stated that he added two tracks to the album ‘Free Crack’ in response to Drake’s suggestion that had delayed its release.

In early 2014 Bibby was on numerous programs on radio and television and enjoyed his newly-discovered fame in the very first instance. 

He also did live freestyles on the radio show. He was featured in the ‘Freshman Class’ of 2014 by XXL.’

Young Thug had canceled at the last minute and that’s the way Bibby was able to be included as a part of the class. 

When he spoke to Billboard the magazine, Bibby stated that the project was in progress. EP, but was waiting for the chance to get a few more appearances.

In mid-2014 he was featured on several singles released produced by Juicy J. Then, in August of 2014, he debuted his sophomore mixtape “Free Crack 2,” which was produced by DJ Drama. 

The mixtape featured guest spots from famous rappers like Wiz Khalifa Anthony Hamilton, Juicy J along with Kevin Gates. 

The tape was released to download digitally and has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads.

The album also earned widespread critical acclaim and some critics deemed it superior to the previous one. 

The album also showcased his growth as a rapper and music producer, as the lyrics were sultry and the music more heartfelt. 

The album’s success was awe-inspiring. Bibby continued to make his third mixtape, ‘Free Crack 3.’

The album “Free Crack 3” was released in the latter half of 2015 and featured appearances from stars like R Kelly, Common, Herb, and Juicy J. 

It was a critical as well as a commercial hit. The song was downloaded more than 272 million times.

At the end of 2016, several labels approached Bibby to collaborate. In August of 2016, Bibby released his debut EP, ‘Big Buckz’ via ‘Grade-A Productions.

In March 2017, Bibby released another EP entitled ‘FC3: The Epilogue. Both EPs were hugely popular and helped him establish his place in the fiercely competitive American industry of rap.

In the early months of 2018, Bibby revealed his first album as a studio album, ‘Free Crack 4.

It’s scheduled to be released through the label ‘Kemosabe Record which will also be his first commercial album.

Lil Bibby: Awards & Achievements

Following the launch of Lil Bibby’s debut single, Lil Bibby was on the page of “Vibe” magazine, which gave him kudos and said he was among the rappers you should keep an eye on in 2014. 

The magazine also noted that he was possessing the talent to be a top-quality music producer.

It was also 2014 when reports surfaced how Drake himself had been a huge fan of Bibby’s work and said he’d spoken to Bibby before the release of his album and provided Bibby the boost of confidence needed.

The same year, Sway invited him to appear on their morning program, “Sway.” He was interviewed by Billboard and also appeared in the XXL 2014 Freshman Class. 

This time, the magazine awarded his mix tape an XL, praising the new style and creativity as well as its originality.

Lil BibbyFurther projects

Grade A announced on the 22nd of January in 2020 the date that posthumous Juice projects would be released to honor his legacy. 

Legends Never Die, his first album posthumously released, was published on 10th July 2020 and was preceded by three songs: “Righteous,” “Tell Me U Luv Me,” which was a duet with Trippie Redd, and “Life’s A Mess,” featuring Halsey.

The latest album, Fighting Demons, was released on December 10, 2021.

Other posthumous albums in 2020 included The Weeknd’s “Smile,” Benny Blanco’s “Real Shit,” The Kid L.A.R.O.I.’s “Reminds Me Of You,” Juice W.R.L.D.’s “Bad Boy,” and Young Thug’s “Bad Boy” in 2021.

After hearing his track “Blessings” from his debut EP, Bibby later found young Australian rapper and performer The Kid L.A.R.O.I. in the year 2019.

People also ask

How much money does Lil Bibby make?

Lil Bibby’s Net worth: Lil Bibby, an American hip-hop recording artist, has a net worth of $6,000,000. Lil Bibby was conceived in Chicago, Illinois on July 24, 1994.

What is Lil Bibby the CEO of?

Before and after his death, Lil Bibby managed Juice WRLD. Two years later, the rapper-turned-manager has opened up about the struggles he’s faced while handling Juice’s affairs.


Is Lil Baby A Millionaire?

Lil Baby has a net worth of one hundred million USD. The rapper posted an Instagram post revealing that he has just secured his first $100 million.


Why is Lil Bibby in charge of Juice WRLD?

Lil Bibby oversees Juice WRLD’s music since he signed him to Grade A Productions in 2017. span style=”background-color: transparent ;”>. Interscope was the label that released Goodbye & Good Riddance, followed by Death Race For Love a full year later.



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