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What is Israel Adesanya Net Worth?

A professional kickboxer and mixed martial artist from New Zealand, Israel Adesanya, has a $4 million dollar Israel Adesanya net worth. Israel Adesanya has garnered a number of championship medals.

He fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a mixed martial artist, and he has previously been challenged for the Glory Middleweight Championship in kickboxing.

Adesanya is known as one of the best strikers in MMA and won the UFC Middleweight Championship in 2019. 

In his contest with Yoel Romero, Adesanya earned more than $540,000. Additionally, he won a staggering $590,000 in his battle with Paulo Costa.

A total of $642,000 was paid to “Stylebender” for defeating Whittaker at UFC 271.

Israel Adesanya had never earned more money from a single fight than that. The Sports Daily estimates his lifetime earnings to be $4,552,500.

Adesanya has a $4 million net worth, claims

Israel Adesanya Biography  

This article about Israel Adesanya’s biographical facts examines the beginnings of his childhood, his training in martial arts, and the private life of one of the MMA’s most renowned and most skilled stars.

Israel Mobolaji Temitayo Odunayo Oluwafemi Owolabi Adesanya (born on July 22nd, 1989) 1989) is a mixed-martial artist professional who is a former kickboxer and boxer born in Nigeria, but located in New Zealand.

The last stylebender is a nickname that has been dubbed by many as Israel Adesanya is among the rising number of Nigerians engaged in Mixed Martial Arts who are doing their country proud.

Adesanya’s pranks in MMA have pushed him into a position reserved for the best in the field.

With an impressive record of 20 wins and just 1 loss, Israel Adesanya is on course to build a reputation that will establish him as an MMA legend.

His uncompromising style of fighting and the confidence he has when fighting such as his octagon swagger and his appearances show an ebullient personality which is a critical feature that has made him a favorite of many MMA fans.

Not only is Israel’s appearance making him look intimidating, but his reputation makes his adversaries cold feet.

In his 20 wins, Israel has defeated his opponent by knocking him out fifteen times. His boxing and kickboxing experience may have helped him create his MMA record.

However, one fact is Israel Adesanya is no average MMA fighter.

Israel Adesanya Net Worth

Full Name  Israel Mobolaji Temitayo Odunayo Oluwafemi   Owolabi Adesanya
Nickname  The Last Stylebender
Date of Birth  July 22, 1989
Age  33 years
Place of Birth  Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality  Nigerian, New Zealander
  • Weight: 91 kg (201 lb; 14 st 5 lb)
  • Height: 193 cm (6 ft 4 in)
Reach  80 in (203 cm)
Zodiac Sign  Cancer
Education  Chrisland School, The Bells Secondary School,   Rotorua High School,  Universal College of Learning   in Whanganui
Division  Middleweight (2012–present); Light Heavyweight   (2021)
Siblings  Deborah Adesanya, Samuel Adesanya, David   Adesanya, Bolu   Adesanya
 Is  Athlete
Field  mixed martial artist, kickboxer,
Sport Team  City Kickboxing (2010–present)
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Israel Adesanya’s Childhood

On July 22, 1989, Israel Adesanya was born to his parents Femi Adesanya (father) who was an accountant along with Taiwo Adesanya (mother) a nurse.

Israel Adesanya is the first from a family of 5 children to a couple.

Being the only child from a wealthy family, Adesanya Israel had any education or social welfare.

As a kid growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Israel Adesanya was a participant in Taekwondo.

But his Taekwondo lessons were cut short when his arm was fractured in his arm. This prompted his mother to remove his participation in the sport.

Israel Adesanya had his elementary education at Chrisland School, located at Opebi, Lagos, before moving on to The Bells Secondary School, Ota, Ogun State.

In high school, Israel was a dancer and it was a crucial component that is the basis of his style of fighting.

In the wake of the attacks on 9/11 in the US Adesanya’s parents who had plans to move to the US started rethinking their decision.

The first time they moved there was Ghana in the middle of the year, and they then contemplated for a period of ten months making the move towards New Zealand or the US and/or New Zealand.

The Adesanya’s decided eventually to move to New Zealand and then settled in Rotorua.

Then, in New Zealand, Adesanya, an already teenager, enrolled in Rotorua High School. He finished the requirements for high school.

Adesanya was often bullied during his time in high school. This influenced his decision to learn martial arts seriously later in life.

After finishing his secondary schooling, Adesanya went on to the Universal College of Learning in Whanganui in New Zealand, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Design.

In college, He began to kickbox following the 2003 Thai martial arts film Ong-Bak.

Israel Adesanya’s Early Life

Israel had his first fight in his winning streak of seven fights in which he defeated Tim Antonio by popular choice in May of 2010.

He also won the next six fights, fighting almost exclusively to fight Wu Lin Feng. His winning streak earned him a place at the 2013 Kunlun Fight 80kg event that was held in conjunction with Kunlun Fight 2 was in progress.

Israel was defeated in the semi-final match against Simon Marcus by an extra-round split decision. Israel was later able to show His Honor during Glory 15 when he took on Filip Verlinden.

Verlinden won the fight in favor of the crowd. They fought again during Glory of Heroes 3, three months after their first match was won, with Israel winning a popular pick.

Israel Adesanya’s Kickboxing Career

After he dropped out to fight kickboxing Adesanya fought for 32 amateur hours and he won these fights all. He later went on to become a professional and relocated to China to fight China.

Adesanya made his debut in the ring and was able to record a remarkable winning streak that led him to compete in the Kunlun Fight 80kg tournament, where he fell in the semi-finals.

Then, he took on Belgian boxer Filip Verlinden in his Glory 15 debut in which he was defeated.

Three months later, however, Adesanya was rematching Verlinden in Glory of Heroes 3, and Adesanya was able to avenge his loss.

Adesanya was able to win the title of King in his Ring Cruiserweights II, 5 Cruiserweights III, and Heavyweight tournaments. 

Adesanya took part during his first Glory Middleweight championship, which won him the title, although the final was a bit controversial.

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Adesanya fought Alex Pereria at Glory of Heroes 7 in his most recent kickboxing match.

Professional Kickboxing Record

80 matches 75 wins 5 losses
By knockout                    29   1

Israel Adesanya Boxing Career

After a transition to boxing, Adesanya was able to take on Daniel Ammann, a two-time Australian champion in the first cruiserweight Super 8 Boxing Tournament in 2014.

He was unable to make his debut in boxing through a controversial, unanimous decision. Adesanya was able to return to the fight and was defeated by American professional boxer Brian Minto, to claim the title.

He then defended his cruiserweight title in this year’s Super 8 Cruiserweight tournament.

Professional Boxing Record

6 matches 5 wins 1 loss
By knockout                   1                        –


Israel Adesanya’s Mixed Martial Arts Career

The year 2012 was the time that Adesanya began his MMA debut against James Griffiths, in which he was victorious through TKO.

He then won one more fight before taking a two-year absence to concentrate on boxing.

In August of 2015, He returned to the Octagon and was able to record an 8-0 win streak during which He won his Hex Fight Series Middleweight Championship as well as the AFC Middleweight Championship.

In December 2017, Adesanya was accepted into Adesanya to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) family. In February of 2018, Adesanya went on to fight Australian mixed Martial artist Rob Wilkinson in his MMA debut and won by TKO.

He also received an additional Performance of the Night bonus.

Adesanya was able to win the next three bouts before getting Performance of the Night in his third and fourth fights.

In February of 2019, Adesanya locked horns with Anderson Silva, former UFC Middleweight Champion In UFC 234, in which he won and took home his Fight of the Night award alongside his opponent.

Adesanya followed up to give a spectacular performance in his intermediate UFC Middleweight Championship against America Mixed Martial Artist Kelvin Gastelum that earning him a second Fight of the Night award.

The fight was widely regarded as one of the greatest of 2019 and received his nominations for Best Fight of the Year.

He finished the year with a unification fight with Robert Whittaker for the UFC Middleweight Championship He was victorious.

The first fight of 2020, which took place against Yoel Romero, who was a three-time UFC title challenger was a disappointment because the fight was uninteresting.

Adesanya’s next bout took place in MMA against Paulo Costa, an undefeated MMA fighter.

The fight was highly anticipated as this was the very first time that two unbeaten UFC fighters were locked in the Octagon since 2009.

He was victorious and was awarded five times the Performance of the Night award.

Adesanya took on Polish Adesanya vs polish Mixed Martial Champion Jan Blachowicz for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 259 on March 6th 2021.

Blachowicz defeated the opponent via a unanimous decision. This makes this the very first occasion Adesanya was defeated during the course of his MMA career.

Professional MMA Record

21 matches 20 wins  1 loss
By knockout 15 0
By decision 5 1

Israel Adesanya’s Personal Life


Adesanya was a cat owner, who died, and was forced to adopt a new one due to the death of his “girl.”

Adesanya shields his private life out of the spotlight which is why it’s been difficult to know whether the world-renowned Mixed Martial Artist is in an affair.

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Through interviews, Adesanya admitted to having one “girl.”


Israel Adesanya is the eldest of five children.

His four siblings include Deborah and Samuel and Samuel, nurses, as well as David who is an accountant, and Bolu who is studying.


Adesanya traces his roots back to Odogbolu located in Ogun State, via his father’s ancestral lineage.

Adesanya has a tattoo depicting Africa on his body with Nigeria highlighted.

Israel Adesanya’s tagline can be described as “The Broken Native,” which he is using to express his individuality.

Adesanya is able to speak the native Yoruba tongue, English, and pidgin English.

While he was raised a Christian, Adesanya does not adhere to any religious beliefs.

The moniker of Adesanya “The Last Stylebender” was coined by Avatar Aang The Master of all elements of the American animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Like Aang the same way, Adesanya regards himself as the ultimate master of all elements of MMA.

Israel Adesanya Controversy

In the year 2019 Adesanya took to the cage, to commemorate the victory of MMA’s latest recruit and his fellow Nigerian mixed Martial artist, Sodiq Yusuf, over Adelaide native Suman Mokhtarian, in Yusuf’s MMA debut.

The celebration enraged the Mokhtarian coach, and they believed that his New Zealand counterpart’s defeat should be a source of sadness for Adesanya.

But Adesanya was surprised by the reaction of the coaches but remained calm and continued to celebrate along with Adesanya and his Nigerian brother.

In September 2020, following his highly anticipated fight with Paulo Costa, his apparent Gynecomastia on his right breast triggered reactions.

Adesanya However claimed that the reason was smoking too much marijuana.

Israel Adesanya Social Media

Israel Adesanya

People also ask Israel Adesanya’s Info

Where did Adesanya grow up?

Adesanya was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He moved to New Zealand in 2001 with his family. Adesanya began Muay Thai training in Whanganui with Derek Broughton. He then moved to Auckland, where he started a professional kickboxing journey under Eugene Bareman of City Kickboxing.


Where is Adesanya based?

Adesanya, also known as the Style Bender was born in Nigeria and moved to New Zealand at age 10.


What tribe is Adesanya?

 Adesanya, a Nigerian Yoruba language surname, is an acronym that derives from the phrase “ade san Iya” which means the crown avenges me of my suffering.


How much does Israel Adesanya make per fight?

According to The Sports Daily, Adesanya made about $153,000 in his UFC debut in 2018. Adesanya was reported to have earned $178,000. Adesanya was $490,000. When he defeated Robert Whittaker to win the UFC middleweight title, UFC 243.


How does Israel Adesanya make money?

A new contract was signed by the fighter, and he received a $1,000,000 base salary after beating Robert Whittaker at UFC 271 Adesanya earned $1,542,000 in total from the Whittaker match. This includes sponsorship shares and pay-per-view that the champion receives from being the headlining act on the card.

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