1 Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr. Bean, is an English actor, screenwriter, and comedian

2  Atkinson has established himself as one of the most illustrious names in English comedy and is now one of the richest comedians in the world

3 Rowan Atkinson was born in County Durham, England, on January 6, 1955. The youngest of four brothers, he is

4 Does Rowan Atkinson smoke? Yes or NO

5 Rowan Atkinson drinks alcohol, right? YES or NO

6 Rowan Atkinson is quite concerned about his health. Rowan Atkinson eats before nine o'clock at night.

7 Volleyball and tennis are two of Rowan Atkinson's favorite sports

9 Atkinson loves cars and racing. He owns many cars including a McLaren F1, Renault 5 GT Turbo, Austin Metro, Škoda Superb, Audi A8, and Honda Civic Hybrid.

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